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THERMAPREN, is a leading company specialized in the design and production of heat printing transfers for the textile industry, and dry textile printing machinery for labelling and customizing any textile material.

THERMAPREN, has developed an innovative technology that combines the easiness of a transfer application but with a print quality superior than the screen printing.

We are a leading a Spanish Business Group manufacturing High Quality Transfers, Roll to Roll Transfers, and Dry Textile Printing machines for the textile industry.

Our production capacity allows us to serve from the smallest order, to a season production, in very good lead time.

Our technology and transfers are perfect for any type of labelling and marking: Denim labelling, Underwear, Baby clothing, Textile for food, Hospital clothing, Labor clothing, Uniforms, Hotel business clothing, Orthopedic material, T-shirts, Sport clothing, Socks, Insoles, Marketing material, Labelling, Promotional, Industrial, etc…

Our THERMAPREN technology presents a practical dry printing system that is characterized by its clean result, as it requires no handling inks. This printing system leaves the garment totally dry and ready to manipulate at some truly affordable costs.

Our technology is proposed as a practical and economical solution, to meet the requirements of industries wishing to avoid what the outsourcing entails. (More handling, transport, loss of control and associated extra costs).

We offer a modern formula, making the most of the new technologies to get the best quality with the lowest cost.

We invite you to discover our THERMAPREN technology benefits in our  channel.

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